The ‘New Publications’ page has now been updated with the large number of pieces that we composed, but did not have the time to add to this website.

What we have not done is add sound files to these new pieces. Putting sound files on the site is very time-consuming so, for now, we have not done it. We suspect that not many people use the sound files anyway – but if you do find it useful, could you perhaps drop us an email. Thanks!  


Since the middle of July 2019, orders for May Hill Edition music have been processed, printed and despatched by Recorder MusicMail. Don’t worry – Ann and Steve are still fit, healthy and composing music! But as May Hill Edition grew, it took more and more time for us to fulfil orders, hence leaving less and less time to compose. And it’s composing that we love doing!

This website will continue and, as always, you can listen to all of our pieces in full. But ordering the music is now done through Recorder MusicMail at https://www.recordermail.co.uk

May Hill Edition is a collection of compositions and arrangements, mostly by Steve and Ann Marshall, although other composers are represented. Over the years Steve has written a lot of music for choirs, opera groups, jazz and rock bands and the theatre, but May Hill Edition concentrates on music for recorders.

You can listen before you buy by clicking on the (try me!) next to each piece. The sound files should play on all devices. The list of pieces is growing all the time, so come back often to look at additions.

If you have any questions about the new ordering arrangements, or anything else for that matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us on ann@mayhill.co.uk