A Policeman's Lot

The music on our website can do no more than give you an idea of how the pieces go. For practical reasons, the music is generated by a computer, and is not a recording of a real performance. You will need to use a little imagination or, better still, buy the music and play it yourself with real instruments!

Alternative Player

MP3 File, this player will only work when the file is a MIDI file

MIDI files (whilst being very compact and easy for us to produce) have not kept up with other audio formats and methods of playback, so handling them is difficult without asking you to go through complex installations of additional software.

For Internet Explorer we have used standard software usually available already installed on your computer (Windows Media Player and Quicktime), but where this is not available, or does not work for some reason, this alternative player is available.

Whilst this player requires no intervention from you to access and play, it is fairly basic, and on some computer/browser combinations, the sound quality may not be very good, but it will at least give you a feel for our music.

The best way we have found to listen to the sound files is with Internet Explorer (Windows) or Firefox (Windows or Mac OS).

The current (temporary) system we are using for playing the sound files needs to know what Operating System (eg Windows, Mao OSX) and Browser (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox) you are using so as to offer the most appropriate player.

Because the sound files are not all of the same type at the moment, it is necessary to switch between players, and it is possible this will get confued, hence the possibility of checking again what you are using.