Welcome to Helen and the Helenettes

The group comprises eight players, a group of friends who are active in the recorder world of Gloucestershire and beyond, including our principal soloist, Helen Hooker. We are all players in the Phoenix Recorder Orchestra, a group of thirty recorder players, based in Cheltenham.

The group uses the full range of recorders from the tiny sopranino to the mighty eight-foot subcontrabass, and plays a wide repertoire, from ancient to modern, including music by two of our members, Ann and Steve Marshall, well-known composers for the instrument.

Each concert is built around that very fine recorder player Helen Hooker, who is accompanied on the spinet by the excellent Rosemary Robinson in music by some of the giants of the recorder repertoire. 

Our two soloists are:

Helen Hooker helen_hookersHelen is one of the best recorder players in the country, and one of our few full-time recorder professionals. She is a renowned soloist, having  visited Holland as concerto soloist, and has performed at the Purcell Room on London’s South Bank with the Parnassian Ensemble. She directs several recorder ensembles, is a highly-respected teacher, and produces fine arrangements for recorders. She has recorded an acclaimed CD (Helen and Friends), and features as a member of the group, and as a soloist in some performances.



Rosemary Robinson rosemary_robinson_sRosemary Robinson read Music at Cambridge. Now based in Rugby, she is much in demand as a freelance soloist, accompanist and teacher. She has performed throughout the UK as well as in Germany and Norway, both on piano and harpsichord. In her spare time she enjoys writing music for recorder ensemble. Rosemary is also a recorder player, but also features as a keyboard soloist in some performances.


Here are two performances from our concert in St. Peter’s Church, Newnham in 2014:

Viadana: Sinfonia ‘La Padovana’ Viadana: Sinfonia ‘La Romana’