The Orchestra on the Hill

Steve and Ann set up the Orchestra on the Hill in 2008 to provide a recorder orchestra experience for players of modest technical ability. What started as a tentative experiment has blossomed into a regular and friendly ensemble of about 30 players, which has a great time producing music that benefits from a firm foundation of great basses and contrabasses. We do not work towards public performances, but we exist purely for the pleasure of playing music.

The orchestra is conducted by Steve, with occasional guest conductors, such as Helen Hooker. We play on one Sunday afternoon a month, from 2.00 to 5.00. The venue is…

Highnam Community Centre
Newent Road
Gloucester GL2 8DG

We are always keen to welcome new players, of any size of recorder. You will be able to enjoy the music as long as you can read music a little, but if you are unsure come along anyway – we are very nice and unthreatening! You do not need to commit to coming every time – just turn up with your instrument(s) and music stand when you are available, and put £4 in the box to cover hall hire, refreshments and music printing. Refreshments nearly always include Wagon Wheels.


We meet on a Sunday, from 2.00 to 5.00, at Gambier Parry Hall, Highnam Community Centre.


Because of the coronavirus situation, future dates are unknown. When playing recommences, this website will be updated, so please keep checking.